Nanometer uncertainty for a micro price

The TriNano, a new coordinate measuring machine (CMM), is designed in line with needs from industrial and academic CMM-users. Many of these users do not require a large measurement volume, but need nanometer uncertainty within a smaller measurement volume. This reduction in measurement volume enables the TriNano to employ a new 3D actuation principle which results in a low-cost CMM with nanometer uncertainty.

Operating principle
In the TriNano nano CMM, the workpiece moves in three directions with respect to the stationary probe by means of three identical linear translation stages. The stages are positioned orthogonally and in parallel and support the workpiece table via vacuum preloaded (VPL) porous air bearings.
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kinematic design
An unconstrained rigid body has six degrees of freedom (d.o.f.), three translations and three rotations. If all d.o.f. of a rigid body are fixed once, this body is said to be statically determined or exact constrained. If more or less than six d.o.f. of a rigid body are constrained, it is said to be over or under constrained, respectively.
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Thermal design
Thermal induced errors are often the largest contribution to the total error budget in precision measurement equipment despite more and more research performed on the matter. However, certain straightforward measures can be taken to reduce these thermal induced errors, such as minimizing and controlling the heat flow and decreasing the thermal sensitivity of the machine.
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Micro sensors
The TriNano is designed to be used with a wide range of sensors, including 3D probing systems, AFM-tips and white-light interferometers. In the standard configuration, the TriNano will be supplied with a Gannen XM probing system.
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Measurement results
A TriNano N100 fitted with a Gannen-XP was put to the test to verify its performance.
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