N100 page

The TriNano N100 nano CMM is specifically designed to suit the needs of high end research. The machine is able to reach uncertainties below 100nm, what is unique at its price level. Furthermore, it is possible to create a lab-environment within the machine itself; avoiding the need for a class-1 metrology lab.

N100 housing
Figure 1: N100 housing

Besides standard scanning and point-to-point measurements, the N100 can also be used as a platform for your own (fundamental) research on sensors, calibration methods, software, or measurement strategies.

N100 ultra precision CMM
Figure 2: N100 without its cover

N100 specifications
DescriptionTrinano N100 nano CMM
Kinematics3D Abbe concept with ultra precision air bearings
Measuring systemUltra precision interferential length measuring system with glass-ceramic scales
Air pressure controlAdvanced
Weight compensationStandard
Travel speed10 mm/s per axis
Scan speed1 mm/s
Linear measuring tolerance MPE
is calculated based on DIN EN ISO 10360-2
0.14 + L*/1000 µm
* Measuring length L in mm
Ambient conditions
Operational range
Humidity40% to 60%
Air temperature+15°C to +30°C
Thermal requirements to guarantee specifications
Ambient temperature**20°C ± 0.5K
Temperature gradient**0.2k/h 0.4k/d 0.1k/m
** System with mini lab environment module has less stringent demands

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