Nanometer uncertainty for a micro price

Higher demands on accuracy and component miniaturization are ongoing trends in many industrial fields, including automotive, medical, aerospace and consumer products.

Accurate 3D metrology is a key enabler for the success of these products. This used to come at a high cost. Ultra precision CMMs in the market require a large capital investment. The result is that this type of technology is unavailable for many metrology institutes, R&D institutes, companies and universities.

For measuring small parts cost efficiently we offer: TriNano, a CMM with nanometer uncertainty for a micro price.

trinano products Specifications

Specifications of N100, N300 and custom solutions
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trinano movie Video

Watch TriNano measuring a lens (and more) in 3D.
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Unique Benefits trinano Unique benefits

Minimal 3D Abbe offsets ensure nm uncertainty for a micro price.
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trinano Applications Applications

True 3D measurements on objects with micro features.
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